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Meet Mitra.

Your Art of Living Companion

Mitra is a personal guide to help you through your 40-day Art of Living happiness challenge.

Meet Pepe.

Pepe is looking to improve the quality of his daily life, and to make a positive impact in his community.

Pepe has been stressed from work lately. Noticing this, is friend Nina recommended him the Art of Living Happiness Program. 

Pepe decides to register for the Happiness Program. Once he registered, he was recommended to download the Mitra app, an Art of Living companion.


A better way to nurture newcomers to their first Happiness Program experience and get them to complete their 40-day challenge.


Design Research, Storyboarding, Product Design, Behavioral Design, User Experience.


• 8 weeks (2 person team), Fall 2017

The Art of Living needs better systems that support one unified and enjoyable experience for newcomers. 


The interactions that newcomers have can be disjointed. As a volunteer-run organization, teachers don’t have the capacity to properly nurture or support enhanced experiences.

Sara and I created Mitra, “Your Art of Living companion”.  A personal guide chatbot that helps Art of Living newcomers through their 40 day-challenge of the Happiness Program.  Mitra’s friendly and quirky personality helps create habit, provides emotional support and creates community among students’ peers by acting as their mentor through new habit building.

In order to fully understand and comprehend the needs of The Art of Living teachers, students and volunteers, we immersed ourselves in the experience of the Happiness Program 






Key Insights

1.  Community enhances happiness

2. End of course = Beginning of practice

3. Coursemates are new friends

4. Volunteers strengthen the organization


A week before the program starts, Pepe meets his guide through his Art of living journey: Mitra.

Mitra guides students through the on-boarding experience, and gives them a simple introduction of The Art of Living principles their meditation practices.

A day before the Happiness Program starts, Pepe gets reminded of class details.

The morning before the Happiness Program…

On the morning before the program, Pepe gets reminded of class location of teacher’s contact info.

The evening after the first day of Happiness Program…

Mitra congratulates Pepe for finishing the first day of the course.

Mitra introduces students to their class community, a place to send and request encouragement to and from each other.  Mitra also introduces the Log Button, a way to log comfort, mood, energy, and completed Kriya practices after each mediation.

One the 2nd day of the program Mitra reminds Pepe of the homework tasks his teacher assigned during class

One the last day of the Happiness Program, Mitra congratulates Pepe on finishing the program and introduces him to the 40-day challenge.

Mitra also introduces the 40-day tracker.

On the 6th day of the 40-day challenge, Pepe misses kriya.

Mitra comforts him and suggests he also request encouragement from his community.

Pepe will receive encouragement from his community for motivation, and he can thank them as well.

Mitra will send Pepe words of encouragement from Sri Sri throughout his 40 day challenge.

You can visit the full InVision prototype experience here

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