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Brief: Create an "out of the box experience", from beginning to end, that encourages behavior change.

Learnings: Design Research, Storyboarding, Product Design, Behavioral Design, Video Production, Systems Thinking, User Experience

Approach: I focused on combining physical planning and digital planning into one easy to use device that merges both planning methods. 

Length: 4 weeks.

Introducing Air Pen


Don't choose physical planning over digital planning.  Merge both with Air Pen.

What Is Air Pen?


Air Pen is a physical and digital writing tool that allows users merge their physical planning tools, with their digital planning services to create a unified system for planning and productivity.




I interviewed three different people with three different patterns of organizing their schedules, reminders, and events.  All of them reported practicing some form of organizing through physical methods (planner, stickies, paper) because they enjoy the feeling of tangibility.  However, all of them also reported enjoying the level of control digital planning methods offer.    


  • 23 years old

  • Student

  • Unorganized


  • 28 years old

  • Student

  • Mix of organized and unorganized


  • College Professor

  • Organized

  • Prefers physical planner over digital


Insights & Opportunity Areas

Brain storming
Brain storming
Brain storming
Opportunity #1
Opportunity #2
Opportunity #3
Objective and opportunities
Objective and opportunities
Objective and opportunities
Objective and opportunities

From the interviews conducted, I created groups of information as different themes emerged.

Each theme lead me to identify one to two insights about each theme. I then combined related insights into three final opportunity areas to explore.  


The three final opportunity areas and my objective were subject to critique from my instructor and peers to take such feedback and refine them.


I ended up choosing and revising one final opportunity area


Final Opportunity Area

There is an opportunity to merge the sense of tangibility with existing digital planning and productivity methods to improve control over the creation, organization, and prioritization of daily activities for those who favor analog over digital. 


Product Concept Ideation


I came up with a wide arrange of concept prototypes on different devices and systems that would merge both physical and digital planning.  I didn't limit myself in the ideation stage, regardless of their feasibility.  At the end of my ideation stage, I decided to explore with a pen that could switch between physical, and digital writing modes for productivity purposes.


System Mapping


To better help me understand and define the hypothetical functionality of Air Pen's systems and it's usage controls, I mapped out several iterations the system functionality within Air Pen's ecosystem and the pen's controls to understand its functionality.






I wanted the branding of the product to have a serious, yet approachable feeling.  I also wanted the logo to be recognizable of the product's functionality.


Set Up

AirPen app
Splash screen
Connect Air Pen
Pair up Air Pen to cloud
Connect CalendAIR
Connect calendar services
Google Account
Star using Air Pen
Notification #1 - Netflix
Notification #2 - TV
Notification #3 - Gym



Air Pen uses your phone's GPS to notify you when you're at a place you shouldn't be at, and uses your proximity to connected Bluetooth devices to notify you when you should be doing something else.

Air Pen App


Air Pen's app allows you to pair up your pen with your CalendAIR, and your different calendar services.  Use it one time and you're ready to go.


InVision Prototype


Product Packaging


The packaging, unboxing, and set up of AirPen plays a role in the user's overall out of box experience, communicating simplicity, just as what AirPen system is meant to be.

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