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Brief: Create a service offered through a kiosk.  It must have a real target audience with a need, it must be achievable through present means, and profitable

Learnings: Systems Thinking, System Mapping, User Research

Approach: I focused on creating a service that would cater towards the people living in the city who would prefer growing their own produce over buying it, but don't have the time o space.

Length: 4 weeks.

The Business woman...

The Stay-at-home Dad...

The Ex-farmer...

1. Target Audience


Through primary and secondary research, I found an opportunity to create a service that would produce high-quality produce for those who would rather consume it directly after it's harvested rather than buying it at stores, but have limited space and/or time to do so. 

All Live in apartments where there is no space to grow any greens, (unlike those who live in houses with gardens, either in the city or the suburbs), and have no time, yet they still have the desire to grow and consume freshly grown fruits, vegetables, and/or herbs, mainly because of its higher quality, freshness, and nutritional value.

Create a service that allows such individuals to buy and consume on-the-spot, freshly grown greens, that’s fast-growing, affordable, and without the need of growing it on your ownAvailable in various apartment complexes for higher reachability.

Use current, efficient, affordable technology, and integrate it inside a vending machine-type pod that grows the desired produce by customers.  But…how?

Introducing FR-SH

FR-SH is a service that allows you to purchase seeds from a large selection of on-demand, fully fresh and organic vegetables and/or herbs, and grow your own crops inside a kiosk, for a cheaper price than marketed organic crops, for lease than half of the time it takes for soil-planted crops to grow, and without the need of having a personal garden (convenient for people living in dense, compact urban areas). 

2. How It Works

Controlled Environmental Agriculture

What is this?


“Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) is the production of plants and their products, such as vegetables and flowers, inside structures such as greenhouses.”

“Hydroponics may simply be described as growing plants with nutrients and water, and without soil. “  (using a nutrient rich water solution as a replacement.)

Jasper Stohner

3. System

This system map shows the user’s journey of the all the different stages they experience when interacting with the vending machine, creating a feedback loop at the end of the process to repeat journey all over again. 

This system map shows the life cycle of a crop from its beginning to its end, and how it can be re-used in the process to meet the customers’ needs.

This system map shows the various relationships between the different crews in charge of providing services and maintenance to keep the kiosk running.

4. Process

While creating a service and a system for my kiosk, I went through many iterations of the system mapping to come up with the most ideal, and functional ones. 

  • Fast, organic, freshly grown, vegetables, fruits, and herbs.

  • A personal experience of seeing your own food grow without the need of gardening yourself.

  • Your own personal farmer to handle, and take care of your harvest, guaranteed.

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