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Brief: Create a brand identity by using consistent visual language, and showcase this in a phone app, a website, and a TV app. 

Approach: I focused on creating a consistent visual language throughout the brand and user experience. 

Learnings: Branding, Prototyping, User Experience, User Interface Design, App/Web/TV Flow, Wireframing, Systems Thinking.

Length: 8 weeks.

About True Me TV



True Me TV is a new digital television streaming service for young people and their families.


True Me allows users to choose from hundreds of television shows a la carte and access them on-demand and via TV stream on their Apple TV or Chromecast connect television, computer, or device of their choice.

Target Market


Primary users: Current cable customers, new users of Apple TV or Chromecast, Hulu and Netflix subscribers, viewers who watch Television shows on YouTube.

Direct Competitors

True Me TV's experience map shows the different stages of media production, media discovery, and media consumption. 

Logo Design


Popcorn is a universal icon for TV, movies, and entertainment.  It was only logical for me to include it in my logo design.

Mood Board


While developing the brand personality of True Me TV, it was exciting to create different mood boards that could reflect each aspect of the brand with colors, imagery, and type based on the emotions of media consumption.

   Style Tile


This style tile expressed every aspect of the brand. I focused on creating consistency with type, color and imagery for a unified experience while using the app and website. 

 Wireframes/User Flow

Final Designs

Splash screen
Plan selection
Content customization
Welcome screen
Home screen
Content information
Home screen - Resume Viewing
Play mode



True Me TV is available for mobile.  This mockup showcases the process of signing up for the service, all the way to watching a show.

Home screen
Home screen - Hoover over content
Home screen - Data visualization
Content information



True Me TV is available for the web. This mockup shows browsing through the different options, hovering over one, and making a selection

Home screen
Content search
Content information



True Me TV is also available for TV.  This mockup shows browsing through the content and making a selection.

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